A subject that has to prepared for but hope one never needs.

There are at least four categories to be prepared for and they all need separate considerations.

  • On the water, moving between destinations
  • Medical Emergencies anytime and anyplace
  • Boating related emergencies and predicaments
  • Costs of Emergencies.

Moving on the Water

Offshore life jackets with teather rings
  • with whistle and locator light. Ours where quitte a few years old and had gone through a lot of humidity so we replaced the bobbin and CO2 cartridge
  • Person hoist to lift the lifesling and them out of the wate. We will use the outboard motor hoistfit with enough cable (rope) to reach into the water behind the swim platform
Medical Emergencies
  • Take a 1st aid refresher course
  • Marine First Aid Kit. We had one with lots of stuff that I now think is unnecessary. Just the basics
  • Get evacuation insurance. The scuba group DAN offerer inexpensive evaccuation insurance to all.
Ditch Bag
  • Waterproof Matches
  • VHF Radio¬† (Grab before leaving boat)
  • Extra persctription Meds
  • Energy Bars
  • Solar Blanket
  • Flares
  • Grab Iridium GO before leaving boat
  • Drinking Water
  • Basic Medical Kit
  • Phones (Grab before Leaving Boat)
  • Sun Screen