Spare Parts

 Spare Parts Aboard


What spare parts to bring?  One of those quandaries that can’t be answered without finishing the trip.  One a sail trip Judy and I took a few years ago, I decided to take a spare alternator for the engine.  The one we had on the engine was 100A and expensive. I didn’t want to bring a 2nd  expensive alternator if we never need it.  I bought a cheap GM alternator to bring as spare.  Somewhere off the coast of Mexico, motoring at night, the alternator went out.  We motored near to shore, found a small indent in the coast, just behind a sand bar. The GM alternator didn’t fit. Shit! I had a small piece of plate aluminum – made an adapter and limped to a small town but had a starter/alternator repair shop. They rewound our broken one and never had another alternator problem for the next seven years we were sailing.

Am I going to bring a spare alternator with me this trip, probably not. The problem we face is trying to guess parts are needed before we need them.

The important ones for a diesel are –

  • Fuel filters – both primary and secondary  (4 primary 30 micron and 2 secondary 2 micron)
  • Oil filters and enough oil for one change
  • Extra coolant – my boat uses a 50% antifreeze mix – so a gallon of antifreeze should suffice.
  • Extra impeller for raw water coolant.  ( I’ll bring 2 extra)
  • Extra belts

I’ll get a set of replacement o-rings for the vacuflush toilet

A extra set of wiper blades


We’ll have our chart plotter as primary navigation tool. But if it breaks we’ll have two laptops loaded OpenCPN and the charts for our area. I’ve purchased an USB GPS puck  so the laptops can function as chart plotter.

If they break, we will have some paper charts.  There are some very remote areas where we go so cell service won’t be avaliable, so cellphone apps is not a good choice for us.