“Random Thoughts”  discusses a few moments and posts images of places and things experienced on our trip so far. I’m not sure whether “Random Thoughts”  will be ongoing or is just a place to practice using this Divi editor for our blogsite.

This is early June in Nanaimo, BC. Nanaimo reminds me so much of Portland…at least while we were there. I would later be lectured by a woman that Nanaimo’s pouring rain was not normal for Nanaimo. I told her, “This is just like home to me.” She walked away, shaking her head. I guess I wasn’t very comforting.

While we were in Nanaimo, we spent quite a lot of time in Starbucks…well, we needed to get connected with family and friends, and Starbucks provided reliable WiFi. In between Starbucks and our boat’s marina, I brought stuff to Ron while he worked on our blogsite, went on my own little journeys, got a little lost every once in a while, and took some pictures. Here’s an example…there was a gallery featuring several colorful and lovely collages by a local artist.

Gallery piece that I found in Nanaimo

Collage in Nanaimo Gallery

Another time I was returning to Starbucks from the boat with something one of us had forgotten. I had become fascinated on this little journey by some graffiti on the wall of a closed-down business. If you can enlarge the image, it says some pretty interesting things.

Grafitti posted on closed-down business’ wall.




The trip from Nanaimo to Lasqueti Island’s Scottie Bay seemed to take forever. It was really bouncy, uncomfortably so, pretty much the whole way. The sky was pretty clear and we made it. Dropped the anchor and went into Endeavor’s salon to do some catching up. I had just finished Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” this afternoon and was looking around the anchorage. There were some boats tied up behind us. I noticed that a small sailboat was named “Rocinante”.

Rocinante was the name John Steinbeck gave his “Travels…” sleeper truck in honor of Don Quixote’s horse!  Too much coincidence. I half expect to see Charley peeking out of that sailboat’s cockpit!

While motoring a few days later on Johnstone Strait, I thought about that stop we had at Port Neville trip we had years ago aboard “Cetacean”, our sailboat. On that trip and the one we just experienced, we had quite an interesting time getting through Johnstone Strait. 

I remember that it was evening, we were tired and wanted to call it for the day. There was this tug heading south across from us and I remember Ron talking with him. The tug guy suggested our stopping at this bay (Port Neville) just across from us.  I remember we pulled into this little bay and tied up at its pier.  We watched the tug head on across from us and Ron talked with the captain thanking him for the advice.

Port Neville

This time, returning to Port Neville, which is now pretty much closed down except for that pier, we met some sailboaters who were headed for the Broughtons. I enjoyed talking with these guys and watching them repairing their mainsail…reminded me of the times I did some of the same work on our sailboat Cetacean’s cloth equipment.

…to be continued